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2brads.pngPEP Productions is a dynamic film and media company, with a host of achievement films. We are always in search of talented writers who would like professional help bringing their stories to telvision or the BIG screen. We are currently reviewing partial and complete scripts for marketability. If you are an artist, we will be happy to schedule a no-obligation conference call, so you can can get to know us and learn about your options with the film industry.

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From idea to Film

We are working hard and bringing script to film. We have a dedicated team of professionals with over 10 decades of experience. From documentary, to major BOX OFFICE hits. We produce them all.

Ready... Set...

As a producer, PEP is responsible for all aspects of a movie, from the start to the finish. We initiate, organize, and manage all production stages. We are always on the looking for ideas that can be turned into movies. We will complete all the research, come up with ideas by watching hundreds of hours of film, reading thousands of manuscripts and by collaborating with many professional contacts. We hire actors, camera operators and other production staff. We work very close with our directors by enlisting studio support for scripts, cast members and location. PEP is involved in with every aspect of our movies, including financial productions cost of a movie. We develop detailed budgets, and manage this budget from start to finish.  PEP is responsible for production time and efforts to stay on schedule.  We also manage contract negotiations with design and artistic staff. PEP is often contracted to manage film studio projects, and we also work independent to promote many projects.

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