2brads.pngBIG opportunity with PEP

PEP is on schedule to produce and distribute three new motion pictures each year, with an average budget of $15 million. PEP Productions is also investigating the opportunity to participate in studio partner's films on a 50/50 basis when appropriate. Currently, we develop, co-produce or acquire projects primarily in the Action, Family, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Thriller genres and will be opportunistic where top quality projects are available in other genres. Specifically, motion pictures developed and acquired by PEP Productions will be produced based on commercial viability relative to strict budgets, a portfolio approach with a mix of budget ranges and genres, a disciplined ROI focus, spin-off potential (i.e., opportunity for sequels, series, etc.), licensing and merchandising opportunities, brand integration and the ability to enhance the value and cash flow of the film library created.

Please contact us for a confidential prospectus.


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