Current Projects

UNTITLED - PEP is finalizing the details for a major motion picture based on a bestselling author's novel. The film takes place in Washington DC, Chicago and Memphis.  The film tells the story of a young lawyer who experiences a dramatic event in his life which causes him to examine his life and his purpose.  The film will take the audience on a journey with the young man as he navigates through some significant changes he contemplates in his professional and personal life. This is a personal journey of redemption and compassion. This story provides a call to action for everyone who views it.

Identical_Sins_Red_small.png  "Identical Sins" - PRE-PRODUCTION, This film is a present-era Hitchcokian-style suspense thriller that takes place along the coastal areas around Savannah, Georgia. It's the story of twins wrapped in a world of mistaken identity, love, murder, self disocvery, and unique intrigue.

Screen_Shot_2013-07-29_at_10.51.37_AM.png"Buddies" - Takes place in the 1960's in a small town in Central Georgia where racial tensions were ever-present.  In the midst of such tensions, two 6 year old boys meet at a local fishing-hole (pond). One of the boys is black and his family is poor;  the other is white and his family is upper middle class.  While the 2 recognize each other's racial differences, they are oblivious to the socio-economic climate of the times. A friendship ensues based on similarities.

Evil_2.jpg ANNOUNCED, Unintended consequences begin when two teenage girls accidently become a sacrificial offering to the Devil while playing an online board-game. This is a sophisticated psychological thriller/horror film, and adds a twist to the Faustian theme. This film has been compared to "The RIng", "Final Destination", and "Psycho". 

"Christmas Ribbon" - Screenplay by "Darrell Cherry". In December of 1938, Annabelle Moore stealthily left her quiet mountain home on a journey with neither destination nor direction. A quarrel with her mother over something so trivial that it is not worth mentioning, forces young Annabelle to take up her resolve, along with a pillowcase containing her belongings and a handkerchief full of biscuits, she pushes forward into the great West Virginia wilderness. What little Annabelle experiences on her journey is both spirtual and devine.

Coincidence, or by design? - Made for T.V. series pilot that highlights the faults within our justice system and how those faults can selectively persecute innocent people. Ripping apart the lives of innocent victims. This series brings to light many true stories, containing in-depth interviews with procescutors, detectives, witenesses, Judges and the victims themselves. All of whom participated in these real-life events.  The viewer is able to decide for himself/herself, are the circumstances surrounding this case, coincidence, or by design?

Stay tuned...

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